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We would be renovating a few classrooms at "Christ Church Porogun" school in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. This is the school Pa Alfred taught for many years. This is also the Primary school that Victor Agunbiade attended.  



We will be providing a "Mobile Library" for the rural community of Ijebu Ode to enhance literacy, education, spread the joy of  reading, increase access and exposure to technology. Our goal is to bring resources outside of the conventional way to users who may otherwise not get a chance to benefit from the library. 


PROJECT 3:Purchasing Land 

​We will purchase plots of land in Ijebu Ode in Ogun State, Nigeria for our State of the Art Youth Center. 


PROJECT 4: State of the Art Youth Center

We will build a State of the Art Youth Center in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. The center will include:

-Computer Lab

-Food Pantry/  Room

-Activity/Sports Room

-Conference Rooms

-Business Center Room

-Educational/Resource Room

-Community Room

-Free WIFI / Charging Stations

-Community Garden

-Community Health Station 


PROJECT 5: Mentoring Program

​Mentoring takes place between young persons (i.e., mentees) and older or more experienced persons (i.e., mentors) who are acting in a non-professional helping capacity to provide the support that benefits one or more areas of the mentee’s development. The goal is for those mentees to pay it forward in the near future. 


PROJECT 6: Scholarship/ Grant Program

We are offering scholarships to a variety of youth for school tuition, registration and school supplies. We are also offering grants for the youth to start their own business.  All conditions will have to be met in order to fulfill the requirements to receive a scholarship or a grant.

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